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What’s the damage?

Performance Jokes – $325 per page. 12-15 jokes per page.
We will seamlessly add these jokes into your performance.

These are not just random one-liners, so they require the customer to provide our writers with the content and context of their performance or presentation. The jokes should spring organically from your subject matter, so they don’t sound like you just bolted them on. Your jokes can be written for anybody and on any topic.

Monologue Jokes (click for samples) – $395 per page. 12-15 jokes per page.
Monologue jokes are jokes based on Current Events. Clients can select on which recent stories they would like jokes, or leave it to our writers’ discretion.

Stand-up Material – $325 per page. 12-15 jokes per page. You provide an outline (or notes) of your “bit,” “chunk,” or “set,” and we will make it funny.

Comics can also provide our joke writers with the topics they want jokes written for, setups they want punchlines for, or leave it to the discretion of our writers.

PUNCH UPS – $125 per page submitted. This includes 3 new jokes per page or 3 improvements
on jokes already written.

Screenplays, speeches, presentations, product launches, sketches, shorts, essays, TV scripts, plays, and anything else already written that needs some extra funny before it is ready for prime time.

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